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Chris Linning
Manager, Building Information at Sydney Opera House

下载 (1)Our last guest speaker is Chris Linning who is a building information manager at Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera house is like a landmark building in sydney,the facilities opened on 20 October 1973 the facilities is nearly 50 years by now. Sydney Opera House welcomes almost 8 million visitors per year, with approxiimately 1,700 paid performance each year, for example, restaurants, bars and outlets. How long a building can last is depends on the facility mangement, that what Chris and his team working for, to use building information modelling technology for the storage of intergated building, maintenancce and management data for Sydney Opera House.

Why BIM?

As we learn from past few weeks, BIM is like a digital process to represent phsical and manamegent characyeristics of a facility.Nowadays, the uses of BIM also goes to more planning and design stage of the project, such as extend the building life cycle.In addition, there are numbers of benefits of use BIM such as:

  • More faster and effeciency;
  • Better Design;
  • Better production quality;
  • Better customer service
  • More easy to understand.

The typical stages of life cycle of a building:

  • Programming;
  • Conceputal Design;
  • Detail Design;
  • Analysis of bulding fuction;
  • Documentation;
  • Construction,
  • Operation/Maintenance/Renocation/Demolition

building life cycle

How does BIM and Facilities Management impact ecnomic development?

From what we learn from this week’s lecture, I  find it is interesting that the relationship between BIM and building lify cycle, and also, how important that building life cycle impact on a property. In my opinion, the life cycle and integrated design process has greatly contributes indirectly to social and environmental sustainability.Futhermore, the building life cycle  also contributes to economic development through construction cost saving, building life cycle can analysis the most efficiency cots of the property therefore the owner  or shareholder can understand the long-term benefuts.In addition, building lifecycle can reduce overall lifecycle costs other  negative costs from building construction and operation.



Caitlin Hintz
5D Quantity Surveyor at Mitchell Brandtman

At this setion ,I want to discuss the industry’s best estimating tool from the point of view the professionals property. That is truely a determined factor for the success of the property, no matter you believe it or not. Maybe, I just require to take dimensions at any time, then the “cost takeoff” will let us owning the ability that measuring property in a separated and discrete package. So, our costs for this region must reduced, and I have the better change for professional profits and improvement. Nowadays, the Microsoft Excel has acted as a powerful tool for management, which make it available for us by the means of accessing the useful cost data in a relative familiar environment for Excel. Under this circumstance, I will create more flexibility for profession management which allows the project designer make good use of the capabilities and the whole functionality of the Excel.

At any time, a great number of people especially the person who is major in this field are curious about the estimating solutions for BIM in the 21st  . So, the difficulties the BIM faced affects the correct direction of this major industry, in return, I understand that it plays a vital role in the professional selection. In detail, with the importing of 2D CAD jobs into the construction industry, the unbelievable effect is very obvious that I can see the productivity benefits improving immediately and it will continue in a long time. Besides the above, the combination with 3D CAD brings up with a functional media for creating the advantaged design works . In a short sentence, just because of the advances and approaching in the territory of technology, BIM is now becoming the world famous platform for the integrated approach in building design, management selection and guidelines.I should learn much from it in all kinds of regions.

Quantity Surveying from Autocad 1/2

Quantity Surveying from Autocad 2/2


Michael Parkes

Project Manager at Hansen Yuncken

How do you share from the perspective image and data manager will be a challenge and a hot issue not too long later. Also, constructing a digital future is attractive and expectable in the route of digital improvement and gradually widespread. Knowing the news that the largest private construction company in Australia, Hansen Yuncken, which is busy in  delivering real-time data analysis in an innovative way in the future. I take our much consideration on this special company through searching the Internet, looking up the literature, reading references, and eventually we know much better about this digital job. By the way, the company is also major in giving us a sharing platform especially to the business which involved projects, people and investment. Just like the CEO of this company said that “It’s now turning towards how we manage information to make sure we are more efficient in our business.” In some ways, the popular and achievement of this company must closely associated with this encouraged sentence.

With the development of digital share, the company may encounter colorful difficulties just like “How do they manage data to make sure they are efficient in the business job.” Yeah, that is still a serious problem that is linked with the management strategies and investment selection. However, when they take this great challenge for granted and take no measures, the company must be faced with much harm and loss. Fortunately, the decision makers are smart and strong-willed that pointed out in the right direction for the future prospects of the company. Another correct decision is try their best to get through the whole transparency in which any given time in the means of owning a consistent approach all over the organization. This perfect will provide much reference and guidelines in digital share for other companies.




The topic of this passage is mainly about the Gehry project “UTS”. Next, I will describe the detailed information on this unique building as known as Chau Chak Wing Building. First, this essay gives us the simple introduction of this project, from which we can know the project better and focus our attention on the necessary key points. Second, I will get the outline that presents the significant process for a normal building management. The presentation outline is colorful and thoughtful just like the information about this wing project; what does the digital project mainly about; the reason that digital projects is gradually received by Lend Lease and so on. Also, I may get the detailed information about the UTS building, like the site location, the area size and other things. Seeing the beautiful pictures and tables in this passage, first, conclusion should be got on the parametric model for the digital project, and then comes to the structural analysis model. At last, I will comes to an end at drafting and fabrication model, which acts an important function for the achievement of a digital project.

However, when thinking about the bid stage for traditional process, Gehry process should not be neglected forever, for the reason that both of them have the advantages and uniqueness. At traditional place, the first factors that affecting the whole process is high risk, such as costs, time, safety, quality, expectations. The other aspect that should considered is the high profile, which often contains the industry and the news media. In addition, the subcontractor concern must be taken into consideration in the improvement of the project, which can totally reflect the risk and the profile within the permitted pricing. As far as I am considered, only by combine the traditional process with the Gehry, can we own the outstanding works.


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Broce Dimeski
Specialties in:
Spatial analysis, with extensive expertise in the used of ESRI products;
Management and processing of large complex data sets;
Statistical analysis;
Remote sensing and Image analysis techniques.

I have learned a lot from the lecture . Firstly, we know the rue meaning of the GIS, the special geographic information system (GIS) is a technological tool which always used in achieving information about geography and making wised decisions. Sometimes, when we dealing with a very important task or project, GIS gives us a hand by organizing geographic data, in this way, just by reading a map we can easily select the useful information. Second, the message we gained about GIS for Urban and Regional Planning . We know that the planners own the ability on fostering and coming up with the effectively measures of responding to the chronic urban problems and future market fluctuation. Nowadays, the smart planners have utilized GIS all over the world in a large number of applications. Then the question that how GIS is being used as a platform to help planners reach their goals and achieve success on economic development should catch our enough attention. The pictures below shows how GIS use to location the area client need and centric plan of GIS system.



And also,seeing the topic on UN’s Global Urban Observatory, I was deeply impressed by its special highlights and features. In the development of GIS, the Masdar City is an vital importance example that perfectly use the GIS on designing our future and pretty dreams. In order to finish its carbon-neutral ambitions, the Masdar City perhaps apply the renewable energy sources only in their daily life. By this way, the city will be mastered many breakthrough waste-to-energy technologies in the areas of a combination of recycling, reuse, and production. In a word, that is indeed a progress and a challenge in the fields of GIS using. Not too long after, the GIS will Will have a wider application space including  city governance, agriculture ,traffic and so on, where it will make some contribution on the city’s harmony performance service, which will building a more secure, comfortable, happy society in the future.


Senior Technical Consultant at BIM Consulting



Fawzi Soliman 
BIM Manager


Seeing from this week’s lecture, I have got some information on the BIM coordination technologies, mainly including the following parts: first, the profile introduction; second, the progression of BIM; third, the design to construction; fourth, the design to construction; fifth, the geographical diversity; sixth, the mobile BIM; at last, the future development. I will detailed describe one by one of the several parts of contents later.

In the introduction part, I get know well with two professional experts in BIM management, they are profile Fawzi Soliman and profile Ryan Hanlen. Both of them have designed documentation at all stages of project delivery, which made great contribution to the development of the BIM. Maybe, at some special regions, they are not very excellent and specialized, but they indeed master great experience in various capacities like: design and document, BIM management and construction coordination, documentation team leader and so on. When mentioned the CAD technical progression and the design to construction, it has many industry guidelines and BIM documents in the history of BIM development. In the documents of BIM, I usually see the documents such as: BIM execution plan, BIM management services, each has its very function and importance for the success of BIM.

2 3 1

In addition, say some useful knowledge about the geographically diverse, which contains the communication strategies, future enhancement, BIM coordination meeting. The communication strategies are the better reflection on the relationship between model manager and project team. Also, compared to the communication strategies, the future enhancement takes the central BIM model into consideration, which do the research job on integrated project delivery. The common order of the future enhancement is date, sorted, arranged, presented visually. To some extent, the future development of BIM is brighter, however, it still faces many challenge and failure in the process of progressing.




                          Allan Teale
Consultant at Property Consultants NSW
Lecturer at TAFE NSW & UTS Sydney

Allan Teale, our guest speak for this week has introduce us the one of most popular property information program in Australia, And also, Allan gave us a speech about to use programs such as RP data to find the information u need.  we can get the information that the total mission of the RP Data is to delivery or convey the accurate and thorough information and analytics about the special property. In addition to, the RP Date can provide us the  property information, selective strategies and the risk management services, which will give us much reference on property in the future life. Of course, we can still gain the following messages such as property research, suburb profiles, rental insight reports and so on, which will bring our lives a great deal of convenience and happiness.

As the picture shows below, the RP Data gives us all initial information we need, such as LA, land zoning, land use and sales record.


In these choices, if we want to describe the suburb profiles, for example, an important aspect for property. Knowing that the approximately size of Strathfield is seven kilometers, however, including eighteen parks that covered about 8% of this total place. During this five years, the population has improved 4% that in accompany with a lot of society pressure and challenge. When it comes to the predominant age, a hot topic in this areas, from 25 to 34 years old, very young in my views. In short, the citizens in this distinctive city occupying in a professional job and daily life. We can see and understand clearly from the tables or figures in the passage.

The city scope is a distinct reaction and reflection on the real situation in this areas, and through which we can better understanding the city, sometimes we may love this place. Besides that , the price finder is a vital significance online property reason for searching application, which will offer a large number of tools to help generating timely information for the citizens, commercial and rural properties. That is indeed an unnecessary factor for the growing and mature in property.


Susan Feltaous
Head of Engineering and Operations, Australia PAM at Jones Lang LaSalle


Carolyn Trickett
Head of Business Technology – Property & Asset Mgt at Jones Lang LaSalle

It is clearly that the property and asset management has two ways, the first is “the systems that make the building work” and the second is “What we do with the data from those systems”.Certainly, knowing the detailed meanings and measures about the two ways is so important that it will lay the foundation for the following research. Cited an example that the systems that make the building work, we learned a lot from this work. On the one hand, comparing the typical building with the high performance building, we know that the later buildings are always defined as the obviously advantaged features like: healthy, productive, resilient and sustainable, giving us a guiding reference. On the other hand, in order to promote integrated design and raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable design , the planers put forward the green star rating, which will have a deep effect on property and asset management .

Case study of 161 Castlereagh St, Sydney

161 Castlereagh St will be the newest 50 levels Premium Office Tower with many important sustainable features, and I think 161 Castlereagh St is the first office building achieved 6 Star Green Star Office design and 5Star NABERS Energy Rating. The sustainable features of 161 Casteleagh will be introduce in following video:

Next, I will describe the topic on “the digital built environment”, as it is so closely with our daily life and the sense of happiness. However the reasons that we build or buy property is to fill a require for accommodation and adjustment. Just like commercial, residential or find a place where business operations can take place,in a word, all these examples in accordance with the digital built environment. Another critical topic is what do property owners need, a question that will let us realize the importance of property performance. So, four aspects reflect the necessary things that the property owners need: firstly, the empower informed decision making; secondly, the optimistic business performance;  thirdly, the control and minimum risk; last but not least, the simplify real-time opportunity analysis. In my words, only by master these four parts correctly, can we make good use of the property.


Alex Moffatt
Director of Advisory Services at Estate Master – Property Software



First, I want to talk about something about the market information system and websites. It is obvious that the websites is 2013-08-13-09-38-44_photovery useful and orientated for the provision of detailed property information. Furthermore, in our daily life, the common website category usually including three main parts: free website, subscription website, partly free subscription website. Of course, each website has its famous example. However, the “Red Square Real Estate Software” catches my eyes about its true meaning and effect. This very software is an useful information management system developed by high-tech, which is for making a list or coping with the property information. Generally speaking, the reporting tools often contains six fields, such as: listings management and marketing, NSW property sales information, current market information, CMA, the street maps, the neighborhood report. In my views, the most important aspect is the street maps. By it we can know the real road conditions,in a word, bring the convenience and security of transportation for the citizens.

Second, we are very interested at the estate master, as it is always a hot topic in our everyday life. Knowing that the estate master has been came up with by property professional experts on the basic of industry collaboration since the ninety’s of the last century. Besides that, the estate master is usually applied by the range of property professionals areas, which including:valuers and consultants, property developers, financiers industry associations, government and educational institutions. Also, its estate master product suite is widely application, for instance:

  • Development Feasibility;
  • Investment Appraisal;
  • Hotel Feasibility;
  • Development Management;
  • Corporate Consolidation.

All these products affects our human being more or less and improve the development of estate master, we should pay much attention on it. Finally, we should keep in mind that the exited strategies should be considered in all directions when serving the feasibility analysis.

If you are interested in Estate Master, I would recommend some useful links:

Official website of Estate Master, including newest product, training, support service and all information:

Youtube vedios of how to use the product: